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  • The Dean of Academic Affairs : Dr.YIING-JENQ CHOU

Dean of OAA  

The Office of Academic affairs has six sections namely Registration section, Admission/Recruiting section, curriculum section, teaching resources and information management section, and two center namely faculty development center, continuing education center, and the main office of academic affairs section/Dean’s office. The different units have differing roles and responsibilities as listed below:



Phone No.

Responsible for

Dean Office


  • Teaching evaluation and course assessment
  • Supervising academic affairs

Admission Section


  • Coordination of student recruitment activities
  • The brief regulations of recruitment
  • The adoption of entrance applications and the verification of qualifications
  • Admission/ entrance exams
  • Information about admission

Registration Section



  • Registration issues
  • Requirement for graduation
  • Student card replacement
  • Transcript
  • Certificate of studying
  • Suspension of schooling

Curriculum Section


  • Curriculum issues
  • Course selection
  • Inter-universities course selection
  • Credits waiver
  • Course adding/dropping and withdrawing

Internship Section


  • Student internship and professional training

Teaching Resources And Information Management Section


  • Academic Information System Administration
  • eCampus E-Learning Platform Administration

Faculty Development Center



  • Outstanding teachers selection and reward programs
  • Teachers evaluation systems
  • Teachers professional training programs

Continuing Education Center


  • Professional training in adult
  • Continuing education
  • Organzation Training



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